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FOX Business
Oct 29, 2013 8:00pm EDT
, law firms are going to make out like bandits. at the very least and all is said and done. likely upwards of $100 billion. >> i'm not surprised at the amount of legal fees. but the impetus behind this is the government acting like a gaggle of pirates sticking up the banks. chase lost $4 billion, jpmorgan chase lost $4 billion of its own money with reckless and wild and crazy betting by a trader in london nicknamed the whale. it lost its own money of shareholders. would the government do? it lost a total of 5 billion. >> i can only get the legal bill for the negotiation of the settlements alone, 15 to 20 million. that is the nature of documents that will have to be reviewed and would have to be done by the lawyers. >> it would've been cheaper for the government to have some sort of a regulations require transparency. when they say this is america and you have a right to lose your own money. neil: not those who are burned, but lawyers. but my point is that they are the winners and that's. >> yes, you're starting to sound like barney. to you and him are correct. lawyers went and got
FOX Business
Oct 30, 2013 8:00pm EDT
and transitioned into more. you think it would have accepted and gotten this to become law. >> the answer is no. neil: every administration. >> the democrats and the republicans. >> people had to give up their health care. neil: someone is lying. >> the president light. it is a sad day. >> but is not a sad day when the republicans live. neil: let me ask you this, now admitting that they knew that some people were going to lose policies. i just wish i would have known that or that would have been said in selling this. now, to his point where there would have made a difference, i don't know. i think it would have changed. >> barely got it through. absolutely. obama says, keep your doctor. no problem. neil: now they are transitioning transitioning. >> moving over. it. neil: you are a great lawyer. we are doing a segment. it would you call it transitioning when you know you are losing something end going to pay a lot more? >> no, if you're paying a lot more calm but you don't want to acknowledge. neil: you said some people, including yourself. what does that tell you? >> how do you want to it -- ne
FOX Business
Oct 31, 2013 8:00pm EDT
of it this is your healthcare law, you have to fix it. that requires you admit it. you are botching it your obamacare thing, you are losing it. and you are losing us. here is what i'm offering you, a way out. but it will require something you have never done. but something your own health and human services offered, albeit half heartedly, personal responsibility for a mess, you can do this, tonight we'll show you how. i am neil cavuto, mr. president, i want to talk to you. this is your moment. i hate to break it to you, but you are blowing it. our personal approval rating just hit an all-time long, and publi angst at all-time high. you cannot afford doing this familiar act again and again. no time for wasting time, doing the same old thing time and gain, forget them, focus on you and your legacy. this is where it will hurt. you have to get tough now mr. president. you have to admit that now. you have to say this. maybe not in those words, but words close, that relay that you, sir, screwed this up. i could say, take a cue from your health and human services secretary, but that could be beneath you, se
FOX Business
Nov 2, 2013 3:00am EDT
the standards in the regulation of the law but let me be clear that that was not a voluntary decision and ose policies did not meet the policies he wants or does that mean that they would swap plans are that the government added new requirements? and that is what made them okay for the time. but they became substandard with the new government requirements. >> it is the latter. it is the fact that more benefits were added into the requirement. neil: does that mean you don't get anything for free. >> is inaccurate, it's not correct and the policies that these hundreds of thousands of people have had or substandard. >> many of them, probably most of them would be happy to continue. >> some of those people, many of them not having any coverage. neil: this shouldn't be news here. and it is a result of hundreds of thousands of americans being reduced to part-time jobs in this includes mpanies that can no longer afford these plans. they seem to explain all of this nonsense. >> it's not accurate or true, we're a great company and we've been in business for 75 years and we care about the people we are
Search Results 0 to 11 of about 12 (some duplicates have been removed)